Veterans’ experience with wearable devices


Many stakeholders are interested in using connected health technologies such as wearable devices to monitor and motivate healthy behaviors remotely. However, there is little evidence on how to use these types of interventions with veterans.  


We recruited a sample of veterans to complete survey assessments on sociodemographics, experiences, and perceptions of using connected devices and baseline physical activity levels. We then tested what proportion would be willing to use a wearable device for two months to track physical activity and then complete a follow-up interview on their experience.


Over the course of this two-month pilot study, Veterans expressed positivity towards wearing an activity tracker daily, with 91% still using the activity tracker at the end of the two-month pilot. Although Veterans felt motivated to be more active by wearing the device, there was feedback suggesting more could be done to motivate physical activity than just wearing the device alone. Overall, findings from this study indicate Veterans would be willing to use connected health technologies to improve healthy behaviors. 


Department of Veterans Affairs