Sarah Fendrich

Clinical Research Analyst

Sarah Fendrich is a clinical research analyst at the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit. She is currently supporting COVID SAFE, the Nudge Unit’s saliva-based screening program, and health system projects, including studies aiming to characterize patterns in and identify drivers of high-risk medication prescribing. Her analytical work also focuses on identifying behavioral phenotypes in both patients and providers with the goal of developing more personalized nudges. 

A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in cognitive science with a concentration in neuroscience and a focus on statistics. 

Sarah is interested in leveraging insights from the cognitive and behavioral sciences to improve decision-making for social good. In particular, she is interested in the processes underlying belief updating and the translation of beliefs into action. She aims to focus her work with the Nudge Unit on understanding the behavioral factors associated with high-value, evidence-based care delivery and on developing interventions to improve care quality (e.g., by nudging improved patient-provider communication and developing decision support tools to embed in electronic health records).